Optimise your LinkedIn profile so it does the job hunting for you

All star linkedin profile strength

If your profile isn’t All-Star, you’re missing opportunities every day. Not only does your profile need to look good so that people like it when they see it, but it also needs to show up in search results both in Google and in LinkedIn internal search.

This post covers five key tips to get the most out of your LinkedIn profile and to boost your LinkedIn presence.

  1. Profile completeness

Absolutely fundamental to getting your profile ranking in the search results is having a completed profile. If there are large gaps or whole sections of your profile that are missing then LinkedIn will simply not consider your profile as a serious result when ranking profiles for a given search term. Using the CV importer, adding skills and your experience takes little time and will provide a dramatic increase in search performance. Make sure your profile headline, profile summary and job description are all filed in. Get your focus keywords (the search terms you want to appear for ) into all three if possible and use the summary to expand with some broader, longer tail keywords.

2. Connections

Connections sort of work like a sign of respect within your field, having a high number of relevant and authoritative connections will tell LinkedIn that you’re well respected within your industry and that you should rank highly for related searches. But don’t go overboard, having a huge number of irrelevant, low-authority connections will do more harm than good when it comes to assessing your profile for search results.

3. Groups

Similar to connections, groups provide links back to your profile and show that you are active within your industry. But, unlike connections, groups allow you to be active, participate in discussions, post interesting topics and start debates. This all adds up to LinkedIn placing you higher up in the search results pages.

4. Recommendations

Recommendations are the obvious choice for giving your profile a boost, not only does it look good to have industry professionals saying that your work is good but it also pushes you higher up the rankings again. Try to get a mix of personal character recommendations as well as more industry specific recommendations.

5. Be active

Being active on LinkedIn is the quickest way to get your profile up the search results list, updating your profile with new skills and expertise, adding new connections, commenting on posts and answering polls all show that you are active and that you’re profile will be interesting. Below you can see that I was particularly active between March 24th and April 21st driving a massive increase in profile views.


LinkedIn profile views with activity spike


5 Tips to increase your LinkedIn presence
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